LA Lloyd Designs was born of a pile of chain, a dress form and an adventurous spirit. My childhood dreams of beginning a fashion line were realized on a balmy late summer afternoon, when I blew the dust of the dress form that had been sitting (perhaps quietly waiting... anticipating) in the corner of my office since I had exited design school four years previously, to be a full time stay-at-home mother. Frustrated at repeated attempts to make muslin do my bidding, I decided to change gears, and play in a new medium to boost my creativity and explore shape. What I discovered, was an instant love and obsession with outlining and highlighting the female form in chain.

While the advent of LA Lloyd Designs represents the realization of a childhood dream, the true heart and drive behind our brand is my two incredible daughters, Olivia Evelyn and Payton Belle. They each are a critical part the design process and a constant source of surprise and inspiration. I see our brand as a legacy that I am building for them and with them. As a newly single mother, I feel even more passionately, the desire and drive to create a meaningful legacy that will inspire and encourage these two miraculous young women to dream, strive, and achieve.